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Nam Ho Travel Service (S)
#01-14/16/18 Pearl Centre

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Annie wrote on 18 December 2012
My family and i went to Korea Skiing plus jeju trip on 2/12 to 9/12 for 8D6N we had so much fun visitation to some interesting places and enjoyed the snow. The local guide leader and Korea guide tour are very friendly and helpful. They helped to look after us especially we the parents are hearing impaired with two kids normal they can talk and hear. Our local tour leader concerned and phoned my elder daughter whether there got any prob in our hotel accomodation staying. Her good priority is to show her concern for our accomodation.. we had good accomodation and comfortable sleeping during Korea winter. Nam Ho Travel is highly recommended. We will not forget to approach Nam Ho Travel if we are still keen in booking the other country
Yves Minato wrote on 29 October 2012
I truly doubted these good reviews given to Nam Ho in this forum page. I am confident enough to say most reviews seen here were fabricated by themselves. Reason is my recent holiday experience (Sep 2012 ) with them was below our expectation and considered bad. Not only that they have short-changed on our hotel stays the tour manager assigned to our group was lousy.

I would like to close my comments that apart from my family, I also understand from many tour members in our group that they too, will not join any of their tours organised by this company in future.
chrisdon wrote on 28 October 2012
Just curious that , how do you know that those good commence over here is write by customers or themselves . I have looking for all the travels agents in Singapore . Most of the Travel Agent comment Have a lot of bad comment also have a lot of Good comments . But i found tht only this travel agents comment is a lot Prefect commence .
I M sorry to them because of my curious i have been asking a lot of people about those commence. According to my friends , they write all the good commence here in order to make their company more more popular and their choose the good comment or the feedback or the bad one they ignore it ...
Jerry Tan wrote on 22 October 2012
Dear Namho Management,

I just want to commend on Joyce Soo for her incredible service, great attitude and superb efficiency!

I recently booked a 8 days Korea skiing plus Jeju from Joyce Soo and right from the start of my query to payment, she has been wonderful every steps of the way.

As i working in Indonesia and unable to visit Nam Ho office, hence all enquires had to be done through oversea phone call with Joyce.

We have few phone discussion over the period of few days and Joyce takes pride in her work. She has always been friendly, helpful, patience. She gives good advice, suggestion and solutions.

Her great work convince me that Nam Ho is the right travel agency for my Korea Holiday.

Keep up the good work, Joyce
ohh wrote on 5 September 2012
Went Taipei Free N Easy Last month. Book with Nam Ho Travel and had an enjoyable time. The sales person is helpful and knowledgeable. I was recommended Amba Hotel at Xi Men Ding, and it turns out to be a very good hotel with nice location. Would really like to thank the sales who have help to give us such wonderful suggestion and making our trip so memorable and wonderful. Thank You Nam Ho.
Kelvin Wang wrote on 15 July 2012
Bad experience with them on a trip to Bali some time ago. After feedback, one woman called and gave a snappy (and faked) apology and hung up before I uttered a word. Never joined their tour since then and advised all I known against it as well.
Taylor wrote on 30 June 2012
My group of 25 really enjoy the 7 days trip when we were in Taiwan with NamHo.
We were blessed with such a wonderful tour guide, \" Elephant \" Chen .
He will guide us with his beautiful explanation of the whole tour . He is very professional in his work.
Even though I can understand a little bit of Mandarin , I find that he is a smooth & well like guide.
Please thank Polo Holiday , your partner in Taiwan , for having such a good tour guide. We will miss him.
We will surely join NamHo for our next tour.

NL wrote on 29 May 2012
Have a bad encounter with this travel agency Recently I booked a 6 days tour with them. Before the full payment is made, the sale person is so prompt and friendly, after we paid for the full payment. He called up to inform there is some changes and advice us to change to earlier date. We did as per his advice. We only ask for the original copy of invoice to be posted to us but he don\'t seem to be very willingly and his attitude has changed to very unfriendly. Overall, the service and follow up is poor. Will not recommend this agency.
Eunice wrote on 24 April 2012
I was terribly disappointed in the incorrect information provided by Nam Ho as the package promised without any explanation! I went to the Natas fair and asked regarding a tour which goes up to Alisan to view the sun rise. They offered me the 7 Days Unwind @ Taiwan package (TW7WIN) stating that at Long Yun Holiday Farm, we can make Mochi, Aiyu and Bamboo Willmill and also option to go up to the Alisan and even pick tea leaves. To my great disappointment, when we were there, there was only the Mochi Making Session! All the others that were stated to do in the package like Aiyu and Bamboo willmill making is not included! Also when we asked about going up to Alisan, they stated that this is the back mountain of Alisan and so going up to mounatin will take 1 hour which they do not go up. Also the tea picking is not of season and so there's no option for that as well. In the end, we went there and make some mochi and left Alisan without doing anything else which they said we will do! When we took the package with Nam Ho, we even emphasis that we want to go up to Alisan and also was reassured twice that this package will go up there! I am utterly disappointed by the fact that the items stated in the package was not done and also of the incorrect information which was provided to us. We would not have even took up this package if not for the reassurance that the package will go up to Alisan! In the end, it was like a wasted trip as we did not get to do what was promised to us. Disappointing!
Loh wrote on 9 March 2012
Extremely LOUSY service and terrible experience!!! Nam Ho booked us on a tour to Beijing+Xi'An. Was told that we will be taking bullet train from Beijing to Xi'An which will take approx 2 hours. I went to research and found out there is no such "bullet train" to Xi'An. The train ride to Xi'An in fact will take approx 12.5 hours. Went back to clarify, the manager said that she doesn't know. We said we prefer to take domestic flight and she said ok. We paid the deposit and she called us back the next day and said we need to top up $100 each because air tix in Xi'An went up. I disagreed and said we have already agreed on a price. Not fair to adjust the fares just like that. The manager said she cannot control the air tix price. I said in that case we will consider to abandon the whole trip. The manager was rude in my opinion and said we have wasted her time and money. She went ahead to cancel my trip before I said anything and said she will charge $100 as admin fees. She also said that if we think this is not fair then bring it to court and we will end up paying a bigger "fine". Before I can say anything, she hung up the phone. I will be checking with CASE on what can be done. In summary, I would strongly discourage my friends from touring with Nam Ho. This is of course in my opinion only and up to anyone to judge their services.
Ms Choo wrote on 21 January 2012
I would like to compliment Nam Ho for their package and services. I had book a package to Hokkaido in December. Both me and my sister really enjoy the trip.
The tour itinerary is excellent. Not too rush for a group tour. The food and hotel provided is good too. We get to try different Japanese food almost every meal. The tour guide, xiao zhang is very experience and knowledgeable. The tour leader, Mandy is friendly and helpful. She is also very patience with the children in the group. Overall, i would like to thank Nam Ho for sending down such a wonderful team. They manage to break the ice between families and bring the whole group together. This is definitely one of the best tour i've joined. Thank You!
kcm wrote on 28 November 2011
Disappointed! They booked us at an uncompleted hotel! No phone in room, no restaurants, cable tv not ready. We wait to see how our breakfast is handled tomorrow! Nam Ho is losing their touch. More details and names to come! Tune in! What a wedding anniversary!
Alan wrote on 31 August 2011
I have very bad experience with Nam Ho travel recently although the previous experience is approachable!

As mentioend from the previous review, they are a reliable agency but lacking of follow up.

I have booked my family trip of 13 pax with them this year. They are promising everything is going to be follow-up after the deposit but unfortunately, it is going to be the nightmare afterwards.

The supervisor, Yan Ping who is the terrible staff with the follow up. They even changed the hotel 5 days before departure by mentioning that hotel will be used by the governol? what a terrible excuse!

I have to call her myself before departure to confirm the trip. She never come back after promising!!!

Hopefully this will be our last family trip with them.
komang wrote on 20 August 2011 is Planner specilises in BALI ISLAND and Travel and Planning. We handle many volunteers's programmes.

Satisfied NH customer wrote on 11 July 2011
I have booked most of my family's year end trips with Nam Ho over the years, and I am very happy with their service. They offer good value for money for their tour packages compared with other travel agencies. The tour leaders and local tour guides are very professional, friendly and helpful and will go the extra mile for you if they need to. So far I have not had any bad experience with them. Only down side is that they do not take credit card payments. I usually liaise with them over the phone and email, and mail them the cheque for the deposit or pay via internet banking. I only need to make 1 trip down to their office when everything is confirmed to make the balance payment.
utterlydwNH wrote on 24 June 2011
Utterly disappointed! booked via Nam Ho on-line was told that this will save the trouble to go down to their office. was rather impressed initially(new mode via a pioneer in the travel industry), but the nitemare has began.........
No followup after deposit was made. After turning up at their office(@48 hours before departure)to "ensure on travel sechedule", was told that there's a service charge for credit card payment. Query on their service charge as this is not what we encountered with the other top travel agencies and was told that it's a legacy that the boss will rather quote a lower price package whereas the other agency absorb these charges into the package price. What a crappy reply.
RK wrote on 23 June 2011
Bad experience with Nam Ho.

We have decided to take up the 6D4N melbourne package with Nam Ho as it was the only agency that had our preferred departure date, given it was a last minute decision. It\'s our first time using Nam Ho, and being an old name in the industry, we were actually looking forward their service.
However, our disappointment came at the very beginning during registration. The entire registration process was done over the phone and via email as the branch manager who we liaised with said it wasn\'t necc to go down to their office. However, after deposit placed, we heard nothing from them. No confirmation of group size, no visa was sent to us, nothing! When we tried calling the agency, we got conflicting information about the group size.
Feeling that something was really amiss, we decided to go to their office on sunday as our departure was going to be on the following tue. We were attended to by the same branch manager that liaised with us during the booking. He claimed that he was shocked that we were not contacted nor were sent the ETAs. Nevertheless, thoughout our entire time there, he was NOT APOLGETIC OF SUCH MISHANDLING !! When questioned why the group size he mentioned now was diff from what he told us over the phone, he had the cheek to say that \"honestly, i\'m looking at the system now, and the number is this\". This made me questioned the integrity and reliability of him,the BRANCH MANAGER.

When we were finally made the balance payment and requested for an official receipt. I had to contact the same manager 4 times before it was eventually sent!! This was defintely unacceptable.

Despite the above unhappiness, we thought we could forget abt it as long as the trip was good. Meal arrangement was a big FAILURE. We were at melbourne, hence,hoping to tryout their local delicacies, but instead were served 4 meals of 6 course chinese/malaysian food!! We sure can get better quality chinese food in spore!!!
What\'s REALLY shocking was during our stay at philip island. We were informed when checking in that nite, our breakfast for next morning was already available in our room!! What??!! This was the first time ever that, on a package tour, we have to take our breakfast in the room !!

So, this is wat Nam Ho\'s service is all about. This shall be our First and also our LAST time using Nam Ho.
Extremely Disappointed!!

lee wrote on 9 June 2011
WARNING: Do not book with this agency.

We had a horrible experience with this agency and WARN YOU IN ADVANCE to be careful.

LAI lied to us about the lenghth of time it would take to reach our destination. They failed to communicate reservation booking until the last minute. They also were extremely difficult to reach by phone.

This view was not only reflected by us, but all others on the trip we took who went through LAI.

You have many more options in Singapore and again warn you to watch out.
Teddy Wibowo wrote on 5 May 2011
Dear sirs

Please kindly with us booking air ticket Singapore to JFK USA, and JFK to Istanbul then to Singapore, and how much the price using Turkey Airline as following schedule :

1. 19 May 2011 Singapore to JFK USA
2. 26 May 2011 JFK USA to Istanbul
3. 03 June 2011 Istanbul to Singapore

The passenger name is as follow :
1. Teddy Wibowo Wong
2. Kartina Kumala

Note : kindly give me two option price, one is economy class and the other one is comfort class.

Best regards,
Teddy Wibowo.
JL. Pangeran Jayakarta 20 No. A 11
Jakarta Pusat 10730 INDONESIA.
Phone : +62-21-6480057
Fax : +62-21-6247340
Mobile : +62-81-61954741
Email :

daniel wrote on 25 February 2011
should try or book your trip 6mths advance many of their travelers like us booked our Asia trip few yrs found comfortable reasonable ...They are very low profile and handle tour quietly

we found them online last few years
Pelden wrote on 27 January 2011
Greetings from Bhutan Dynasty Travel !
I am Pelden, working for more then decade in the tourism industry. We are specialized in village festival tours, farmhouse stay, textile tours, trekking, camping, bird watching and hiking trip in the beautiful Himalaya.
We would be so glad to work with you, and assure to provide a memorable trip to our clients.
If we could be of any assistance to you in any other ways please, let us know!

Best Regards,


LC Soo wrote on 18 May 2010
Went for a one day tour to JB under Nam Ho , from booking of the tour thru Ms Jennifer all the way to the end of the tour was smooth, enjoyable and tour guide was helpful and caring throughout as we have our mum who was 82+ yrs old with us during the trip. Thank you!
Chua wrote on 11 January 2010
Went to this travel agency yesterday to Booked a 8days/6nights package tour to Guilin China. Was smooth and the customer service was friendly and engaging. She was willing to check for us the vacancies and such and explained to us in details what to expect and where to gather. Now waiting to see if the tour turns out to be good as well...
johny wrote on 4 May 2009
I have booked a trip to Taiwan recently for my family of 6 with Nam Ho Travel. i want to compliment Nam Ho Travel for their services. They did arange a very nice trip for my family.
The tour guide is very knowlegdeable and helpful. They manage to answer all our questions and explain all our scenery very brifely. He even spent his own time at night to brought us to night market even our itinerary is not covered.
I definately will choose Nam Ho for my seceond trip.
Ms Tan wrote on 17 April 2009
I like Nam Ho Travel Live chat. The latest technology. It allows me to make conversation with their staffs. Provide a nice service. Cheers!
elyse wrote on 13 June 2008
We signed up our Hong Kong trip with Nam Ho at last year's NATAS fair because they are the cheapest.

Little did I know how much problems they were going to cause me. I had to go down their office thrice before they give me my confirmation slip. The first two times I was called and asked to go down but when I got there, the counter people wasn't told of anything and had to ask me to come another day.

Then the problems with my booking. I booked triple sharing room for 5D4N. I double confirmed with them. But when I got to Hong Kong, the local tour agency told us we were only booked for double sharing for 3D2N. Imagine our horror! Lucky we went during off peak period and thus the local tour agency was able to make the amendments for us. Imagine if we went during peak period where most hotels are fully booked. Would we have ended up sleeping by the streets?
Ms Leong wrote on 19 March 2008
Made booking with Nam Ho package tour to Taiwan on Dec 2006 for 5 persons (7D tour). When i decided to made payment for my deposit by credit card, the sale rep told me service charge of 1% wil be impose if I charge through credit card. I week before our departure, I went down to made full payment they told me service charged increase to more than 1%. I ask why, they told me their finance department had increased the service charge a few days ago. I was angry because I was not told earlier that service charge will be increase again in later date.
yaroopig wrote on 27 June 2007
I would like to recommend NAM HO. Had book a package to Tokyo in May this year and we (hubby, me + daughter) really enjoyed our trip there!
The tour guide is very friendly and helpful, he even brought us to shop in Narita on our last day even when our itinerary is free on our own at no extra charge.

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