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CHEAH KIU SOON wrote on 16 December 2012
My wife and I purchased a tour to Europe with your company from 22 Nov to 5 Dec with free tour to Dubai (6 to 8 Dec 2012).

Mr Ken See was the Tour Manager for our group which have a total 42 persons. I wish to place on record the excellent work done by Mr Ken See during our tour to Europe. He made our trip enjoyable and also cater to our needs. He also provide us with free internet wifi in the bus in Italy. He managed to gather feedback from the group to provide us value added service. He made recommendations on the types and place to make our valuable purchased. He explained clearly on how to we can make claims to the VAT.

However, during the trip to Eiffel Tower in Paris, my wallet was stolen and Mr Ken See brought me to lodge a Police report. He also helped me to contact the Banks to cancel my credit cards. Without his assistance, I would be at a loss and do not know to do.

Mr Ken See is a dedicated Tour Manager and committed his work. He is an asset to your Company. Once again, we would like to say thank you to Mr Ken See.
Mr & Mrs Ernest Seah, Gwen & Gabriel wrote on 14 December 2012

We're a family of four, first time travelled with EU holidays(65358535, a verbal advertisement frequently uttered proudly by non other than our youngest and most handsome tour manager, Ken See)! Strong indoctrination for most of us, just for the near two weeks with him. :-)

We are writing to commend that we had a wonderful and enjoyable trip, kudos to Ken for making it so for all of us!

Will definitely go for EU holidays for suitable future trips. Thank you very much for all the services rendered by your company; Ken See and also, not forgetting our booking agent, Shi Qin.

Ms June Loong, Ms Clarissa Chong and Ms Chua Lean Tsee wrote on 8 December 2012
Further to our vacation trip on your company tour group of the 12 days All In USA Winter Delights departing from 1st Nov to 12th Nov 2012, the three of us will like to express our gratitude and complimentary to our super caring and professional tour manager--MISS CHRIS HEE!!!

We have a really GREAT AND ENJOYABLE AND MEMORABLE holidays in USA. All thanks to our SUPER tour manager MISS CHRIS HEE.

During our 12 days tour, she has been showing her professionalism by telling us what attire to put on, what food is nice to try, where to buy good stuffs with reasonable price and so on. She also made it a point to call all of us to check and make sure that our hotel room were in good condition whenever we checked-in to a new hotel. Nevertheless, her explanation given to us were fantastic wherever we were at all the places of interest as well as when we were traveling on the coach.

Points to be added, she went to extra miles by staying up late to make sure we were all back to hotel as well as waiting for us at the entrance and exit points of all the shows and rides that we have tried during our trip.

Chris did impress us by her high expectation working attitude as well as her sincere care and concern for all of us that really touched us in some way. Her sense of humor always make our days and nights in USA.

As this is the first time we have joined EU HOLIDAYS for our vacation, we were all extremely satisfied with the attention and joy that we got during our trip. At such, we will choose EU HOLIDAYS again for our holiday trip next year.

Last but not least, we will definitely give priority to follow the tour packages which will be conducted by Miss Chris Hee in our future holidays trips.

Once again, well done Chris!!! Keep up your excellent working attitude!!!

Cheers : )

Elaine Goi (Your regular Apple Holiday\'s customer) wrote on 3 December 2012
Hi Benny,

Thanks for introducing me to EU Holiday for the US trip. I just came back from 12D All In USA Winter Delights from 15th November 2012 to 26th November 2012, I will like to praise the Tour Manager Christine Hee for her excellent services. She is knowledgeable, caring, patience and went extra miles in providing her professional advices and services. We really enjoy the trip and like to congrate EU Holiday to have such a wonderful staff. We will love to have her as our tour manager for our trip in future and wish her all the best in her career.

Jasline Hun wrote on 2 December 2012

我参加过很多的团,但从来没看过这么一位很有能力与责任的领对,不由我心里一直要挂着发出这封email 赞扬她。她就是贵公司的Ms Mei Wai Kuan, 我们都称呼她梅.........

Mrs Esther Chan, Sarah, Faith and Joseph Chan wrote on 2 December 2012
My husband booked a 13-day Europe tour from EU departing 22/11/12. This being our family (2 adults plus three under12 yrs old children) I was naturally worried...would the schedule be too hectic for us especially our kids?would we be able to cope with changing of hotels? The morning calls etc

We were welcomed in Italy, Rome by our tour manager, Mr Ken See. Once we started our tour, I felt my fears dissipated. Mr Ken See is a very experienced tour manager. He takes into consideration the needs of everyone in the tour especially the youngs and olds. He looked into every details of our Europe tour and made sure we catches every highlights of our tour. Under the leadership of Ken, our 42-member group gel very well. We are now in the last leg of our tour and everyone is feeling a little sad that this wonderful journey is coming to an end.

I dare say the trip is so enjoyable because we have such a competent tour manager who plans the daily timings so so well, just like a Swiss Made clock! Thank you Ken.

Wendy wrote on 30 November 2012
I am writing to tell you again it was a pleasure having Christina as my Tour Manager despite filling the Customer Feedback Form. I have been a customer from her CTC days but fortunately she happened to be my Tour Manager. We booked this America package (departing SG 15th Nov 2012) because Chris was with EU Holiday as we not aware of the company's existence.

It was truly a trip of a lifetime. I came to the US 16 years ago and this time round, I know more and saw more under Chris's management. She went above and beyond the call of duty and I appreciated what she has done for the group. She has even provided very personalised service to this extend - lead us and be with us into the theme parks and planned all the important ride routes such that we finish all major rides by 1pm, leaving us sufficient time to take our favorite rides for a 2nd time. She even brought us around to show us major shopping centres, boutiques and eateries so that we can have our own activity on our free day. These are just two of her few above and beyond call of duty examples. I believe she would have received over-whelming positive response not only from our group for the customer feedback form, it probably will be reflective of other groups which she has led too. Some compliments from me and my family - "great, helpful, informative, friendly and pleasant".

When she gave instructions for meals/meeting time/recommedation for food to try/historical background, it was always done in both languages which benefitted elderly and young. Her professionalism and attention to detail made all the difference for a truly memorable bus ride too. I am sure alll the participants agreed that it was quite an enjoyable trip. She is most knowledgeable, funny and a real pleasure/honor to have spent twelve days together. The trip turned out to be a very enjoyable and fulfilling one because of the thoughtful kindness extended to my family by Chris. She was also great at interacting with teenagers as I have 2 boys and in our group there were few other teens as well.

Hope that she will be my TM again next year as we do take yearly trips. If she would be my guide again, the tour would be enjoyable twice as much. We would like to thank Chris again for everything she had done from the time she knew we were coming until the time we left and her briefing before the tour was detailed and informative too.

Kuddos to EU Holiday for having such a great employee!

Honeymoon couple wrote on 24 November 2012
Dear chrisdon & yves,
Would you guys have been from other travel agents out to flame this company? I see similar remarks left on other agents review. Also how do you know that this company only 2 years? Did you really spend the money to Acra to check just to prove your point, the only logical conclusion is that you are probably one of their competitor and out to flame them due to their positive reviews, I.e jealousy.

Anyway my cousin just came back with them, and their honeymoon was totally perfect, saw them smooching in front on the Eiffel tower, which felt so romantic.

I may not trust totally the reviews here, but I trust my cousin.. It\\\'s good that finally there is a Singapore travel company who is out to prove their dedication to service. Till now, though my trip is only next month, I have only receive from them top service.

Looking forward to my trip next month with EU

P.S chrisdon, you may want to read more and improve on your English grammar, it took me awhile to understand what you were trying to comment on.
ShangYin wrote on 19 November 2012
Dear EU, I just been on a 10 days USA West Side Tour with Tour Manager Christina Hee. She is a truly lively lady who spend most of everybody jet-lag and rest time to explain the riches of each city properties to us. She never fails to deliver what we really need for each of us. She is not a bias nor practices favoritism basing on our appearance and our happening. She can explain Hokkien, Cantonese dialects too. She does not spend her time on her desires or do her own shopping. Its a real tour! She spend her time walking around the city, guiding us and showing what is best. We thank her very much. Love her deep deep. :)
Eric Ho & family wrote on 8 November 2012
I would like to send my compliments to Cecilia Hoi who was our tour leader during our Europe trip between 19th Oct - 2nd Nov. We had a enjoyable time during the tour and she managed the tour group in a fantastic way. One of the best tour we have ever gone for.

Some of the great key factors which Cecilia did during the trip:
- She was extremely patience to the elderly
- She ensures that everyone in the group are always on time
- She bothers to cater special request for each of us. Eg: Food choice, shopping, etc
- She is pro-active, initiative and maintain a very professional image at all times

In our group, we have a couple who was always late for all tour schedule during our holiday which nearly caused all of us to miss several city tours and taxi boat ride. Cecilia was able to handle the difficult situation well without causing the rest of the tour group being affect by the incident. She is so professional that all of us enjoyed her tour so much.

She is indeed an asset to EU Holidays and she is the person who managed to changed my impression of EU Holiday to a positive one.

I hope you can relate this compliment to her and share this success stories to the rest of the team members. She is a Role Model for all tour guides to look upon.

I will definitely come back for repeated business under her tour and recommend my friends and family members.

chrisdon wrote on 27 October 2012
Yves Minato ,

Just curious that , how do you know that those commence over here is write by themselves Which i m believe in you . I have looking for all the travels agents in Singapore . Most of the Travel Agent comment Have a lot of bad comment also have a lot of Good comments . But i found tht only this travel agents comment is all Prefect commence .
I M sorry to them because of my curious i have been asking a lot of people about those commence. According to my friends , they write all the good commence here in order to make their company more more popular because their are new in the market ( Only open bussiness about 2Years ) and their choose the good comment or the feedback or the bad one they ignore it ...

What a pity ...
Yves Minato wrote on 16 October 2012
I truly doubted these good reviews given to EU Holidays in this forum page. I am confident enough to say most reviews seen here were fabricated by themselves. Reason is my recent holiday experience (Sep 2012 ) with them was below our expectation and considered bad. Not only that they have short-changed on our hotel stays the tour manager assigned to our group was lousy.

I would like to close my comments that apart from my family, I also understand from many tour members in our group that they too, will not join any of their tours organised by this company in future.
Davin & Cindy wrote on 3 October 2012
I am writing this email in order to express my gratitude for the high quality services provided by EU Holidays team. My wife and me have just concluded an European 15days tour package and both of us were extremely satisfied with the services of the tour manager, Mr Ken See and Mr Rolando, our bus driver. We will want you to be proud of these 2 excellent employees.

Mr Ken has displayed the qualities of a fantastic tour manager. His services are professional and his care and experience have enabled us to enjoy the tour fruitfully. Mr Ken is such a wonderfully engaged and genuinely interested manager and often went out of the way to treat us with snacks and offered good recommendations for food. His efficient workrate is second to none and judging from the way he handled cases of lost passports and wallets, his experience really limited the pain of the victims. His constant advertising of EU Holidays serves as a reminder of a loyal and committed staff that you had.

Mr Rolando is an excellent driver. Never once did we encountered hard braking inside the coach. His safe driving skills and prompt arrivals are critical to the success of this tour. His kind and cheerful personality adds sparkle to the mundane long trips.

Please allow me to say a wonderful THANK YOU to these 2 staffs who carried the branding of EU Holidays flying high. No doubt I will positively recommend to my peers and relatives the goodness of EU Holidays!

Thank you once again!
Yvonne Loh wrote on 3 October 2012
I am one of the tour group who left on the 7 September 2012 for Europe with tour manager Ken See.

I together with Teresina Bohn and Corrine Chia would like to say that your Company is very fortunate to have Ken and Rolando representing EU Holidays because they are responsible, efficient and most of all FUN.

Ken was especially compassionate and caring when my new Prada hangbag was stolen in Paris (Galleries Lafayette) with my money, credit cards, handphone and Passport. He was also very efficient and effective in handling the situation by cancelling my credit cards and handphone line and at the same time comforting me which left me composed and not nervous or scared even at the Police Station. You only know how capable the Tour Manager is when there is a problem and this situation proved it.

My friends and I would like to extend our appreciation to Ken and Rolando for their professional service.

We would not hesitate to recommend EU Holidays for Europe tour to anyone who is interested but of course to be led by Ken and Rolando (The TACT Team) who are ASSETS of EU Holidays.

Thank you for the wonderful time we had in Europe despite of my stolen handbag.
Eunice Yeo wrote on 2 October 2012
My mother and I enjoyed the recent Europe tour in Italy, Switzerland & France and Dubai from 8-21 Sep 2012. We thanked the tour leader, Ken See and also the tour bus driver, Rolando for their super-services. Ken See had done a wonderful job for being caring and knowledgeable tour leader who knows the countries by his fingertips. The tour bus driver, Rolando, was a skillful driver and able to drive thru the narrow arch of the Louvre Museum and reverse skillfully when required to drive along the narrow mountain road in Switzerland. He is willing to sacrifice beyond his working hours to fetch the whole group back to the hotel because of traffic jams and unforeseen circumstances.

I have recommended my friends to tour with EU Holidays and they look forward to tour with Ken See and Rolando. Its indeed a wonderful time for us.
Joanna and Michael Chang wrote on 5 September 2012
Dear EU Management

Michael and I enjoyed the tour and would like to thank your company for the tour arrangement and itinery which made our holidays a memorable one. Although there were a couple of hiccups in the arrangmenets but were resolved amicably.

We would like to specially thank the EU tour leader, Victor Lim, for being resourceful and responsbile in ensuring day to day schedules are well managed. He planned each day and speak in both English and Mandarin well. His knowledge and interests in his work have added flavors to the trip. In all our many holidays travelled with other tour agencies, we regarded him the BEST so far for discharging his job responsibility well and also do extra miles in few areas like helping us to bring our heavy luggages on one occasions where there is no hotel porter to assist and there is no elevators, arrange extra time for our shopping leisure not provided for etc.

The only feedback that EU may want to look into is on hotel accomodation in this iitinery in Iceland where on one occasions, the hotel was provided very far away from town. And within the hotel vicinity, it is practically nothing around to stay as a free day. Of course, this has caused some unhappiness amongst the members and tour leader at the start where there was no prior arrangement for transport to bring us to town to have meals being the free day stay and were informed that the transport expense to town had to be at self expense. After much clarification, the issue was resolved amicably where free transport was arranged to bring all of us to town to shop and dine for the free day.

However in this particular hotel in Iceland where we travelled miles to arrive, both Michael and I were quite delighted to stay there to experience the total serene vicinity and sleeping in a hotel situated at the area where volcanic errupted thousand years ago. For us, it is a blessing in disguise because staying in a hotel near town is convenient for everything and everyone but lack of \"that nature\".
Its is not easy to please everyone when there is a change of plan but EU must attempt to make all arrangmenets needed to please the customers before the customers feel unhappy. Preemptive & proactive are important as this will give your company an edge above others, really between GOOD and BAD advertisement that the customers will provide.

Thank you and we hope that we could travel with EU for other areas of our interests in future.

Best regards,
Joanna and Michael Chang
Rita James wrote on 6 August 2012
My family and I had a fantastic time in Europe.(10 June2012). I must say it was one of the best trip we had ever had.

Our tour guide, Paul, was simply amazing. He was responsible, always looking out for everyone in the trip. He is truly committed and dedicated to his job. He displayed all these qualites while carrying out his duty. From young to old, he made sure everyone had a good time. Because of his positive attitude, the group was also close and we had great fun with him. He made the effort to provide quality service that I have not seen in many guides.

I must say he is an asset to EU Holidays. Please let his superior know about his good work.

On another note, thank you Benny. You have also been great. Always giving your best services to my family. I think we have been travelling with Apple and EU for the last 3 or 4 yrs rite. Two trips a year to be exact.

There is no other travel agency that we want to go with. Thanks once again for giving us such wonderful memories.

Vanessa Loo wrote on 19 July 2012
I am writing this letter in order to express my appreciation for the professional and quality service rendered by your tour manager, Mr Ken See during my recent trip to Europe in June.

The trip has been a great experience with the well-planned itinerary as I always thought it will be very rush to do package tours due to past experiences but we still managed to cover the places at quite a relaxed pace… surprisingly. Loved the huskies sledge which Ken managed to arrange in Switzerland, it’s great fun and also something that not every Europe tour packages get to do.

Some feedback though, it would be good if the restaurants under the package could provide water instead of us incurring a separate charge for it unless it’s flavored drink. So far, the hotels have been great for some and others decent at least. It would also be good too if EU Holidays could consider packaging those optional tours into the package instead of having a separate charge on it. I’m not sure how it can be done but I am sure your wonderful itinerary planner (whoever that may be) should be able to work on it a bit? It’s a tad too stressful to carry so much extra money to pay for the optional tours, be it for the customers or the tour manager who will be collecting the huge amount of money from the whole group.

Nonetheless, the main purpose of this letter is to show my appreciation to the Tour Manager, Ken See who truly deserve this letter of commendation. Ken is obviously the soul-person who made the entire trip all the more a wonderful travel experience. He really made sure he took good care of the group and our interests. All the arrangements were very well made. From amusing us with his youngest & most handsome tour manager claim, to the 'Round Shit' jokes, exclusive wifi availability, free toilets info, helpful advice on good food & buys and things to do, and his in-depth knowledge & experience in leading Europe tours etc…made a vast difference to this travel experience. Needless to say, his endless promotion of EU Holidays’s other holiday destinations whenever he gets the chance to say something about it. This, I applaud EU Holidays for having such an awesome, responsible and experienced staff which is a valuable asset to your organisation. May you continue to engage such experienced and professional staff like Ken [although I personally think he is probably a one-of-a-kind tour manager around within the industry :) ] so customers like us who will consider to travel with EU again in the future will benefit from the happy and above-satisfying tour experience.

Thank you once again, Ken for your great work and EU Holidays for being a trusted agency.
Jennifer wrote on 8 July 2012
I was seriously considering taking up a tour package from Apple Holidays. After reading all the negative reports, I change my mind even their price seems to be very reasonable. I share the same view when I walked into their branch office in People's Park Centre. All the staffs are holding a "don't care" attitude. Thanks for those who warn me help me to save my pocket.
Joan and Greg Cradock wrote on 6 July 2012
Last week we got back after taking your 14 days Eastern Europe Highlights tour that left on June 12

We would like to express our thanks to James for guiding this tour
We really enjoyed the tour and felt that James was very knowledgable, helpful and friendly. We appreciated his advice and guidance throughout the tour.
The tour covered the areas we wanted to see. We enjoyed the balance between organised parts of the tour and having 'free time' to explore parts of the cities independently.

The driver we had was also very good and knowledgable about the roads in these areas.
The local guides also were very good.

We felt that the whole tour was very well organised.
The only issue that we had was the fact that Greg's seafood allergy was not taken into account as other dietary requirements were catered for for other members of the tour.

Thank you for making our trip very enjoyable

Kenny Lee wrote on 28 June 2012
I must hereby commend EU Holidays and especially our tour leader, Paul Tee, on the excellent service/hosting for a most enjoyable 12/13-day Europe Tour (10/11-June through 23-June).

All my family members thoroughly enjoyed the said tour and the kind patience and attention to detail granted by Mr.Paul Tee. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend EU Holidays and Paul Tee others for the said Europe Tour.

The hotels chosen were more than acceptable & beyond our expectations.
Although the tours were quite tightly packed and in fact quite hectic, even an elderly lady "78-years old (much fitter than most of us younger ones) endured it with flying colors. Fantastic!

I am quite sure that most, if not all the members in our tour group would agree that we had a wonderful trip & are sincerely thankful to have had Paul Tee as our Tour Leader.

Thanks again.
Amanda Liu wrote on 22 June 2012
I would like to feedback on the tour package and the tour leader, Mei Wai Kuan, for this tour.

The tour package that costs $3818 per pax was pretty worth while as the hotels were pretty comfortable, and the scenaries were fantastic. The food were average on the whole, we had too many meals of Autogrill. If possible, Mei could brief us on the day's schedule right at the beginning of the day or before we reach the hotel. This could prepare us for the day's or next day's journey. She has briefed us during the journey, but as the rides were really long, and people are tired, so some may have missed the points. It is really not easy being a tour leader and she was really patient when people asked her repeatedly for information, though she has informed us already.
Perhaps, during free and easy time, more recommendation of good food could be done. This was what Mei did during one of the meals as she brought us to this nice and cheap pizza stall.

Also, we would appreciate that the hotels are made known earlier, and not on the day of the flight. This is for us to find out what are in the vicinity of the hotels. If there are convenience stores around and such.

As for the itinerary, we were brought to the places and given ample time to take nice photos, as well as shop around. Mei was very flexible with the timings, and she was punctual when it was time for us to go. She also introduced us to the places where we were going to visit during the coach journey to and fro the place of interest. It would be better if at the place of interest, the highlights could be reinforced again as the members may not be listening during the coach rides.

However, the coach journeys were pretty long on the whole. Mei ensured that we had enough rest stops for toilets and food.

On the whole, she was really flexible and sincere and helpful during the tour. :) Kudos!

Hope this would help you to improve your services in the future! :)
Josselyn Lee wrote on 21 June 2012

i'm writing in to express my gratitude for a wonderful holiday experience EU Holidays have given us. My family and I had just enjoyed a trip to Europe and it was one of the best holiday experience we ever had :)

While EU might not be as established as other larger groups like SA or CTC, the sincerity EU has in serving us is definitely one of the best! Prices offered are much more affordable and reasonable. Rest assured that new fees required to be paid would not magically appear during the trip itself, as opposed to the practices of many other larger groups.

Also, our tour guide, Mei, was extremely responsible. Her spontaneous behaviours and candidness brings much joy and laughter to the tour.

In all, should we ever decide to go on a holiday again, EU would definitely be one of our top choices, and we would recommend our friends and family to join EU as well :)
Harold Tan wrote on 20 June 2012
Firstly, I would like to thank you for your kind recommendation of EU Holidays 15 Days Scandinavia & Iceland tour for my son and myself. We have enjoyed this trip very much and I have finally fulfilled my dream of going to Iceland. Needless to say, I wish to express my greatest gratitude to you for your excellent service accorded to me all these while.

At the same time, I would like to thank your Tour Manager, Alex Sim for his exemplary leadership of this tour group. I have been an avid traveller who have travelled with many travel agents. However, I must say that Alex is the "best" Tour Manager that I have come across. He is like a "good shepherd" that constantly cares for our safety and security without fail. He is very helpful and attends to our needs religiously. When one of our elderly tour participant fell down and had a cut on his head, Alex was so caring and concerned, and took steps to arrange medical treatment for him. His sincerity comes across every time he speaks, which makes every tour participant trust and listen to him. He takes extra efforts to remember and celebrate the birthday of three tour participants. Most importantly, he mixes so well with every single tour participant that we thoroughly enjoyed his company every single moment of our trip as he is fun-loving, humorous, entertaining and well-liked. He is also your company's Best Salesperson who promotes various EU Holidays packages discreetly and interestingly whenever possible during the bus journeys.

I dare say that this trip would not have been so complete, enjoyable and memorable for all tour participants in our group without Alex, and hope that your company will recognise his performance accordingly.

Once again, THANKS A LOT, Wong & Alex. I look forward to joining future tours by EU Holidays.
Kelvin Tay wrote on 12 June 2012
I am still on the tour with EU Holidays, but something happened today that I think I want to share. Today we had some trouble from the local Switzerland police regarding EU Holiday’s buses blocking Interlaken streets! Because the whole Swiss Fondue restaurant is full of EU Holidays customers! I hope that EU Holidays can learn from this warning and arrange different restaurants next time to avoid so many tour groups going to the same restaurant at the same time.

May Chong wrote on 10 June 2012
Our family of 5 with my age over-70's parents joined EU Holidays for the 13D+1N Italy Switzerland Paris Amsterdam from May 11-24 2012. We enjoyed ourselves very much and especially with CECILIA HOI as our tour leader. She displayed exemplary professionalism in her service which one will not received nowadays in this generation. We have traveled with few agencies over the past 20 years and most of them are too complacent being old timers and big players. However, my first impression with EU was that they provide very good counter service by Shereen who is actually not their sales staff. She is very patient, thorough with all the enquiries.

Cecilia Hoi is very tactful, resourceful, diplomatic with the tour arrangements in the midst of any hiccups encountered during the trip.
Cecilia is very knowledgeable on Europe and narrate in both English and Chinese throughout, much to the delight of my parents! The tour itself may be hurried but Cecilia is able to manage it very firmly within time constraint. In Switzerland, we forgot to collect our 8 Swiss army knives and without hesitation Cecilia will do so for us in her next trip.

On the whole, the itinerary is well planned, satisfactory and not too many optional tours. Meals and accomodation are good except for one or two not within our 'standard'. The tour package is reasonable being SQ promotion and very worth it. Having checked the other established agencies, none is able to match but more importantly on the service right from the start!.

Immediately after this trip, we've planned the next one to North Europe or Moscow or Turkey with EU. Hopefully, Cecilia Hoi will be able to lead these tours.

All the best to EU Holidays and hope you will still maintain the high standards provided. Please provide more 'Cecilia Hoi's, thank you!
Sally Queck (12 days USA on 27 April 2012) wrote on 27 May 2012
Our tour guide Veron is very experienced and knowledgable. She is very responsible and has done her best to everyone in the trip. She has done the extra miles and deserves to be rewarded. She is very hardworking and consciences, passionate in her work. Great job done Veron!
Chang Wai Keat wrote on 22 May 2012
I joined the Europe tour which was led by Paul Tee on the 30th April 2012 and would like to compliment his good services during the 2 weeks trip.
He has been of great help in terms of accomodating the timing, helping in the movement and handling the heavy luggages of other tourmates and etc.

Extremly helpful to the oldies as well. I may not have joined a tour for almost 18 years, but i guess he is by far have given me the best impression.
Chong Tuck Sin wrote on 19 May 2012
We would like to specially thank your good company that provided us good & friendly tour service (CERP13) that we have spent from 22 April 12 to 3 May 2012.

I would like to take this opportunity to specially thanks your staff, Mr. Marcus Yeo who during the trip providing good guidance and friendly advice to us.

Thank you.
Lim Lit Shinn/Jackie wrote on 14 May 2012
I just came back from the europe tour from 22 April 2012 to 4 May 2012.

I will take this opportunity to thank our tour manager Ken See and his assistant Marcus.

Ken See is very knowledgeable and very experiences tour manager, all his arrangement are very good and

Beside that Marcus is a very patient and humorous tour guide I never meet. Some of tour mate ask him to talk about the jokes, his jokes is really funny and make us laugh till the tear out. some of senior tour mate complaint about him regard some minor minor things, he will apologise and listen very carefully and he really try his very best to meet their requirement. May be his experience not as much as ken, but he is a very helpful , friendly and I believe he will better and better after a few more tour experience. One of the things to make me touch is, he will joined us for every breakfast and ensure everything is ok. most of our tour mate agreed with that he really make a lot of laughter for our long journey.

Last but not least, i hope we have opportunity to join EU holiday for our next destination with Ken See or Marcus.

Thank you EU holiday.
Goh Chin Hon wrote on 13 May 2012
I was a customer that travelled to Europe from 22nd April to 4th May to Italy, Switzerland, Paris.I must say that my wife Lydia Chan Sze Lok and myself enjoyed the trip very much because of the tour manager Marcus.

His jovial self and jokes really made the whole group laugh and enjoy the trip very much. He took care of us very well and made the effort to talk to us every meal time. He also made sure that we all had our meals before him. I can see that he tries his best to accomodate everyone. It is not easy to please everyone in the group especially the group consists of different types of people, some might be more unreasonable than others.

Overall he is a good tour manager and I like you to acknowknowledge that. I will definetly try to travel with him again if the opportuity allows.
Pang Kim Fung wrote on 13 May 2012
I just returned from the 13D Italy, Switzerland & Paris tour (reverse itinerary) from 26 April to 8 May.

I write to commend the excellent job done by our tour manager, Cecilia Hoi. She is knowledgeable on Europe and is able to make good commentaries in English and Mandarin. She is also fluent in French and this helps tremendously in her communication with the driver, Hakim from Germany, who speaks better French than English.

I would say that Hakim is fortunate to partner Cecilia for his maiden long-distance coach driving experience. Hakim is a skilful driver but he is not familiar with the routes and certain regulations and this affected some of our schedules.

In Italy, Cecilia had the initiative to enlist the assistance of Mr Rolando, an Italian driver and friend of Cecilia, to guide Hakim around Rome and also all the way to Florence! We are truly appreciative of what Cecilia and Rolando had done.

On the day of departure, a passenger who is 5-month pregnant was unwell. Cecilia took care of her so that her husband could do the necessary check-in and tax refunds documentation. Whilst on the plane, I heard from fellow travelers that the couple did not board the plane.

Being a professional and competent tour manager, I am sure that Cecilia would have assisted them all the way.

My group of 4 had a wonderful trip with Cecilia. We want to travel with her again for future trips and would recommend her to our friends.
Pearlene wrote on 11 May 2012
I have always been travelling and joined few tour agencies for past few trips.

I would say ken see and Marcus have actually changed my perspective towards EU. I was not very pleased with EU administration before I proceed to Europe. However, they had actually displayed their professionalism to create a very joyful trip for us.

Though , Marcus is very new and is on his learning stage, I could see his effort to assist us during this trip. I hope he could have been given more chances to learn and enrich his knowledge with Europe so he can share and support customers.

Thank you

Gabriel Balau wrote on 4 May 2012
I am the bus driver of the 15 days Romania/Yugoslavia from 18apr to 30apr! I am writing with regards to give my compliments to Mrs.MEI WAI KUAN for she's excellent job done during the tour!

Mrs. MEI is a very good proffesionally, permanently been concerned about confort and good disposition for tourists!

She is a person who at the end of the trip was much applauded!

Was a pleasure to work together!

Best regards,
Gabriel Balau(Romania)
Grace Leong wrote on 3 May 2012
Thank you for granting our request to allow us to have M/s. Mei Wai Kuan to be our tour leader on our Eastern Europe holiday from 17th April.
We really had an enjoyable time due to the untiring efforts of M/s. Mei. She is very accomodative, friendly, patient & makes an ideal tour manager, with excellent knowledge of history when she explains to us the places as we journey along the coach. She is also a very warm & caring person who humours us with entertainment during long journeys & never fails us with toilet stops upon requests & even helps to serves us when we stop for lunch breaks!
Looking forward to have M/s. Mei again in our future travels with EU holidays.
Gloria wrote on 2 May 2012
Thanks again for the exciting & memorable safari drive through the desert - it's the experience of a lifetime for us.

We are thankful to have encountered honest & trustworthy tour operators.
May God bless you with abundance.

Aside to Victor:

You are so very right by saying that we need to be very careful with our belongings especially towards the end of the tour when fatigue sets in.

Many thanks for being a very thoughtful & patient tour guide during the 14-day tour of Eastern Europe.

Wishing you all the best in your career with the tour industry.
Mr LS Chan & Family wrote on 26 April 2012
We wish to request for Tammy Tan to be our tour leader for 13D Italy Switzerland Paris tour on 6 June, as she is very personable, helpful, efficient and accommodating.

She was our tour leader on our holiday to Eastern Europe in June 2011 and she made it an enjoyable and unforgettable one for us.
Kathleen Gian wrote on 25 April 2012
I would like to compliment the excellent service I had experienced with Mei on my recent vacation to France from 6-16 April. As I took the seats just behind her, I could sometimes hear her conversations negotiating with the drivers, city tour guides and your counter-part to meet our requests.

Thanks to Mei, we could do some shopping in Paris on Saturday rather than sight-seeing with the swooped in our itinerary. She had faced much inconvenience with the last minute changes with your counter-part which lack communications with their own operations/agents, but she persisted to make our trip an enjoyable one.

Mei is a great asset to EU Holidays. What a dedicated Tour Manager to her client and profession. I also admired her efforts to learn and speak English in order to conduct her tours.
JJ wrote on 21 March 2012
Thank you EU Holidays and Mr Ken See for your wonderful tour to Italy Switzerland Paris. My family really enjoyed it and appreciate your tour arrangement. A side note to our \"youngest and most handsome Tour Manager\" Mr Ken See, keep up your good work, we really like your jokes.
Mrs Jean Teo wrote on 7 March 2012
My family has been looking for a reliable and trustworthy tour company to book our tours to Europe. We went to many and still hesitated to commit to sign up the tour .

We chanced upon your EU holidays last night at peoples park complex and were very delighted to be served by your tour consultant by the name of Ms Mei.

Ms Mei is very professional, attentive,very helpful and patient in explaining the itinerary to us. She is very insightful, have excellent product knowledge and very thorough in her explanation . She is the deciding factor why my family have no qualms in signing up our tour to Europe with EU holidays last night . We would share this experience with our friends and relatives.
Ivan Thong wrote on 12 February 2012
Hi All,

Came back from Italy , Switzerland and Paris.
Overall it was a nice experience. The hotels given are decent , nice and clean.

The meals which was included was quite bad through except for those in Paris and switzerland.Meals provide also did not come with drinks.

Tour manager Ken was knowledgeable and provide us with good suggestion advice.TM service is commentable.

He provided transport for a few of those going for free and easy to london and germany despite they are inform beforehand to travel to airport or train stations themselves.

One of the single aunt came up with 26 kg of overweight items, he assist her by taking the overload kilos under his account as he did not have check in luggage out of good will. ( Euro 15 per 1 kg )( Total 56 kg )

Dubai city tour and the desert experience did not worth the price through.The city tour is quite bore food at the dinner sucks through drinks are free.

Only the hotel stay at Dubai was good ( singapore four star stsndard ) We stay at corpthorne.Shopping was quite worth as lots of sale is on going.

Would travel with EU again for europe trips.
Fung Wei Fong wrote on 2 February 2012
Dear EU Holidays,

On behalf of the Fung Family, we would like to thank you for the unforgettable trip to Paris, Switzerland and Germany (22nd January - 29th January).

Our lovely tour guide Mei is very nice, friendly and always be there to help us. She gave us lots of information and definitely increased the joy and colour of this trip.

Besides that, she will always be there to remind us about the do's and don'ts as well as helping us on all the tax refund documents.

We would like to thank her again for her guide and sharing of her experiences.

Thanks & Rgds,
Wei Fong
Gable Lai Fong Kheong wrote on 1 February 2012

I have wanted to write to EU HOLIDAYS a complimentary letter for Ms MEI, our tour leader for our Europe Trip; but since I came back from my Europe Tour I have been very busy and couldn't find enough time to write this compliementary letter; so I thought I had better find some time to get this done.

I really appreciate that MEI took her job as our tour leader very seriously. When MEI first called my wife to inform her that she will be our tour leader; my wife specifically told her that I have just had my operation 8 months ago and needs an aisle seat on the plane because I need to go to the toilet very regularly. Indeed MEI have done a great job and never failed me.

On the morning of our departure to EUROPE, MEI was there very much early than all of us. She has helped us with our checking in and has showed her willingness to help without any fuss. Our first impression of her, is that she is very polite and sincere.

During our trip in EUROPE, MEI has taken very good care of us. On many occassions MEI has use her own initiative and helped everyone of us in many ways. She has even treated us like her very good friends which make communication between us very comfortable.

Our group has about 52 travellers, and MEI has find no problem in handling such a big group. She has even have to hop in and out of the 2 tour buses as her assistant doesn't seem to know anything. The way she handled all of us in the 2 buses is really fantastic and I must admit that MEI is indeed very capable. She is always smiling and friendly even though she has to handle some very difficult passengers. Her explanation and description of all the places of interest and location is very precise and gave us alot of information, we found her very knowledgeable.

On departure from London, although MEI did not go with us to the airport as she left very early in the morning to take on another group of tourist, she has given us all the information and direction as to how to check in to the airport. We were so relief that we followed MEI's instruction and everything went well and we proceed to board the plane to Dubai.

We would really like to thank MEI and appreciate her for all the assistance that she has rendered to us and we fully agreed that her performance and services are way above excellent. Frankly without MEI, I don't think we would have had such a wonderful and enjoyable holiday in EUROPE.

I would strongly recommend our friends to travel with EU Holidays in the hope that MEI would be their tour leader. Of course and no doubt we would definitely hope to see MEI again and have her as our tour leader when we next travel with EU Holidays to various countries.

Last but not least, EU Holidays being a reputable and trustworthly travel company, I wish that your business with many more staff like MEI will bring you to the next level of prosperous and successful business.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish MEI every success in her job with EU Holidays and good health.
Zaliza wrote on 16 January 2012
Dearest Susan,

Just wanna say that both Nora and I are very grateful and fortunate to have you as our Tour Manager during our trip to Europe.

Your professionalism n experience had made our holidays an enjoyable n smooth one! We definitely want to be part of any of your tour group in future! Thank you for taking care of us in Europe! We look forward to see you again!

Happy New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Have a healthy and wealthy new year ahead!

Nora and Zaliza (ger-gerl) :))
CP Seah (Xie Zibin) wrote on 14 January 2012
Hello Susan,

In general, we enjoyed our Europe holiday tour very much.

However the visit to Turin, Italy could have been better if we could had a more proficient local guide with better spoken English in my opinion.

Elizabeth Yun wrote on 7 January 2012
This Dec ,me and my sister wanted to have a white holiday.She came home 1 day with a EU brochure ,we decided to try chateau stay and book the 10 days Swiss/Paris /Chateau + 2N Dubai package..
Departure was on 9th Dec,tour manager is Ms Tammy Tan n asst. Hui Qing.1st night was at Interlaken,supposed to go Bucherer too bad was closed early for VIP events...
But luckily the rest of the days of sightseeing n shopping was enjoyable .Especially with the congested traffic at Paris,Tammy managed to help and get us to view the beautiful night scene of Paris from Eiffel Tower.
My sister and me love the chateau stay most and hope we could stay another night.
Lastly,I would like to thank Tammy and Hui Qing also the coach driver for their help and attention when needed in this trip!Happy New Year!
Prisca wrote on 5 January 2012
Matthew (USA tour),

Thank you very much for making the trip an enjoyable one. I really appreciate your effort in obtaining the fast passes for us, in order that we could enjoy the rides in the shortest time possible. I have been to Tokyo Disneyland with another tour group but help was not given to obtain the passes, we were left on our own. The information that you provided has helped me to better understand the places we visited. My kids and I would like to thank you for obtaining the Las Vegas chips, you are really helpful. Thank you once again.

Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!

G.Krishnan wrote on 2 January 2012
Your tour manager Cecilia who met us in Rome did a wonderful job and we are happy with her.
Happy Mr Chua & family wrote on 23 December 2011
Hi, I just came back from EU Holidays tour as well. Surprised to read negative feedback here. We enjoyed our tour, fun activities and smooth tour. My tour manager was Mr Ken See, a very funny and knowledgeable Tour Manager. He knows Europe in and out, provided accurate and helpful information, and never fail to amuse the group by his charming character and funny jokes.
We enjoyed the Gala Dinner in Switzerland as well. We had Swiss Fondue and the chocolate Fondue for desert was definitely the best I ever tasted. =) Also, we enjoyed the folklore performance by the local during the dinner, it was a fantastic night!
We also love the thrilling experience on Swiss Alps for sledging. However it was a bit disappointing that the sledge had to be cut short due to late winter. well... not everything is perfect I guess.
I will just like to conclude that EU does have its many plus point and deserve its praises as well.
Thank you Ken and EU Holidays!
Piss off customer wrote on 19 December 2011
Hi all,I had bought the voucher to hk recently.After reading so much comments,my friend and I decided to cancel the booking with apple holiday.Now the problem is apple mention they will "help" us email to for the booking that we had cancelled and ask the person in charge liase with us.anyone had similar case?got the refund back from or apple.
micky wrote on 18 December 2011
This agency EU Holidays is a joke. Their brouchers are brillant, going more places than other agencies, their briefing was even more super , offering even more places of interest..But on the first day of your tour everything changed. Intianary were changed,on our first 2 days of our scandinavian tour with them in September we have absoutely nothing to do for half a day.
Some places of interest were closed or under renovation.Do we pay to look at renovations?One Tour guide in Scandinavia was from China and was unable to get his facts and english right most of the time. The tour leader from singapore tried his best, but he was just thrown in the last minute and was a new staff.He suffered brickbats from day one to the last day. He was cool chubby guy named Pang.Better consider before not be misled by the better value,more places or super pre-tour briefing.
Anny wrote on 16 December 2011
We travelled with EU holidays recently on a 15 day trip to Dubai Paris Switzerland and Germany. It was TERRIBLE. Worst travel agency ever. Bad service, misleading itinerary, horrible meals provided and full of hidden costs. Besides the fact that our itinerary was literally empty, contrary to what we were briefed, we were told that for our meals, EU Holidays only allow 7€ per pax!! In Europe, one needs to spend on average 20€ per pax per meal, because that\'s how much it is over there, so imagine the type of food we were given, on a 7€ budget!!! FYI we paid premium for this so-called professional Europe-specialized tour agency. There were 30 of us in this tour group and I daresay I speak for all of us when I say our trip was by far the most unpleasant.
guest wrote on 14 December 2011
This is the worst agency i have came across! Response is slow, email no reply, call no pick up! Irritating!
Brennan wrote on 13 December 2011
The worst travel agency ever!

When you dial one of the numbers listed on their invoice, this rude guy would tell you, "Wrong Number, call the other!" Then when you call the other number, this lady will pick up and made you wait and then tell you Benny will call you and hang up without taking down your number.

My father bought the F&E tour pack to Hong Kong from one of the deals website and it was by far the worst holiday we had!

Firstly, when my sis and dad went down for booking, Benny the Sales Rep told them that there's only night flight (HK Airline) left to HK on the 8th Dec. My sis did not believe them and checked the flights on her mobile. She showed them that there was morning flight on HK Airline and it was still available for booking. Benny the Sales Rep insisted that there isn't. And for the return flight, he insisted again that there's only morning flight available. Therefore, over 4D3N trip became 2D3N. My dad decided to extend our miserable 2 days trip to 3 days (3D4N).

Benny told my dad that when we arrived at the HK airport, maybe, just maybe, someone will meet us there. If he doesn't show up, that we are on our own. Since Benny said that, we didn't pin much hope on that "Someone". "Someone" did turn up, almost 1 hour late. Luckily, our flight departed 30 minutes later (we were supposed to reach HK at 8pm, we arrived at 9++pm) and we took our sweet sweet time in the custom and arrived at Arrival Hall B (The opp end of our baggage belt) at 9.30pm/10pm. He wasn't there yet when we reached arrival hall B. We saw a group of ladies waiting so we joined them. Finally, after a 15-minute wait, "Someone" came. The ladies went 1st, since there were there 1st. Then it was supposed to be our turn, "Someone" said he had a call and walked away. When he finally came back, he attended to OTHERS 1st! I went forward and stood in front of him with a really rude "Excuse Me!" then he finally attended to my dad. We were told that if we want the half day tour at the Peak, we have to be at the lobby at 6.30am. 6.30am!! I said, "NO!" Then he passed my dad a bunch of stickers that if we changed our minds, we could call him.

Then came booking of the Hotel. We were told that the package includes hotel stay in a 5* Hotel. It was the Regal AIRPORT Hotel! I don't think they deserve the 5* title, probably 3.5*. Benny told my dad that 1 room is sufficient for all FIVE of us! My dad insisted that it was IMPOSSIBLE to fit 3 adult daughters on ONE bed! Benny insisted that it could. My dad gave up talking to BENNY and decided to just add an additional bed at the hotel. The Deal we bought stated that the package is for 4. We assumed that since it's for 4, there should be 2 big beds enough for 4 adults. We were SHOCKED when the hotel staff told us that it is a twin room for 2! Even the Regal staff was shocked when I told her there's 5 of us. How the hell is it possible for 5 adults to share 2 SINGLE beds? After much time wasted, the hotel staff gave us 2 queen beds without additional cost and the extra bed cost us HK$2,200 (approx S$400 - S$98++/night). Regal staff then told us that we missed our complimentary dinner which ended at 10.30pm. It was 10.40pm when we reached the hotel. Apparently, the free dinner was for the 1st night only, which MR APPLE SALES REP, BENNY FAILED TO TELL US! How are we supposed to have dinner on the FIRST NIGHT when we flew off in the evening! Benny oh Benny. The staff told us that she will call up Apple in the morning to check on the dinner and breakfast buffet for 5 since the room is for 2 only! She was nice enough to hand us 5 breakfast vouchers for the next day.

On 10th December, we happily left for Disneyland at 10am, thinking that we missed the Disney morning coach (stated 9.30am pickup which Benny failed to say during booking again until we read the papers "Someone" passed us). We had a great day at Disney until we were back at the hotel and found a note with 5 Disney tickets on our bed. 9.30am pickup turned out to be late and arrived at 10.30am. And it seemed like we were entitled 5 FREE Disney tickets which once AGAIN, Benny FAILED to mention! My dad wasted another nearly S$400 for Disney tix!

Never booking from Apple Holidays ever! It's an absolute WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!
Evelyn wrote on 6 December 2011
I booked a Korea Jeju holidays for next year with this agency. Truly a huge mistake, Korea is so popular and everyone else has sold out except them. Not enough pax and we have to change the dates. As usual, Call in and never pick up, if get through then the only person Benny is not around all the time, left message never reply, try to cancel by email postmaster problem, email mail box must be full. So far it has been a nightmare, after reading the above review, I really want to cancel completely. And of course the agents are rude, esp this lady who has a huge attitude problem and made me feel like it is my own fault that I booked with them instead of other big companies......I just want to cancel and get back all the payment. Thank you for all your feedback!! Now I feel like I am not alone!
Unhappy tourist wrote on 6 December 2011
Dear all,

EU Holidays!!!!!
Pls beware of this company. The travel sales agent is rude, especially after payment of deposit. Beware of the name Robin.
We went for our europe trip, it was a total disaster! The hotels are far from city, alot alot of road traveling and the food sucks! We had Chinese food for two nights in Paris! Also the optional tours are too much. Pls read the brochure carefully!
Unhappy tourist wrote on 6 December 2011
Dear all,

Pls beware of this company. The travel sales agent is rude, especially after payment of deposit. Beware of the name Robin.
We went for our europe trip, it was a total disaster! The hotels are far from city, alot alot of road traveling and the food sucks! We had Chinese food for two nights in Paris! Also the optional tours are too much. Pls read the brochure carefully!
Unhappy tourist wrote on 6 December 2011
Dear all,

Pls beware of this company. The travel sales agent is rude, especially after payment of deposit. Beware of the name Robin.
We went for our europe trip, it was a total disaster! The hotels are far from city, alot alot of road traveling and the food sucks! We had Chinese food for two nights in Paris! Also the optional tours are too much. Pls read the brochure carefully!
Ms Ng Meng Eng wrote on 18 November 2011
We came back from our Tour of Turkey on 3 Nov 11 with EU Holidays.
We had a wonderful time together with the group, Turkey Local Guide,
Driver and our Tour Leader Mr Paul Tee.

I have written a poem for Paul Tee below:-

Pleasant and kind in leading the group
Accommodating and hardworking
Undisturbed in any situation
Like the way you belly dance

Thank you for your leadership
Enjoyed ourselves very much
Excellence job done!
Diana wrote on 14 November 2011
I have just returned from a 5 days Beijing Tour package bought from Apple Holiday.

The tour guide Miss Sophia, from their china counterpart 北京友协国际旅行社有限公司 is extremely unprofessional. Resulting in this trip being very unsatisfactory.

Firstly, her commend of English is weak. Very often, we have to help her translate whenever she wants to convey message to the group from Philippine. At times, we even have to help Sophia translate the introduction about those tourist attraction sights to them.

Throughout the whole trip, she kept reminding us that this trip is made possible at such cheap rate of SGD$60 because the various business companies sponsored it. So we have the responsibility to spend with these sponsors in order to answer to them. This reminder was made known to us daily more than 3 times a day.

Noticing that 1 of our tour group member from Philippine did not buy anything from those shops for the first 2 days, Sophia even came to us on the 3rd day morning and requested us to help persuade this group to buy something.

During the last stop at Dr Tea, despite us expressing that we are not interested to buy after their staff did a round of tea introduction, Sophia kept pressing my mum to buy something from the sales staff so that she can answer to them. When we totally refused, it resulted in Sophia getting upset and told the sales person from Dr Tea she will buy the tea instead.
This kind of pressure selling tactic from the tour guide is totally unprofessional.

Her whole attention during this trip was just concentrating on whether we spend in these shops that she brought us to. She was behaving more like a sales person than a tour guide. Despite our repeated message to her that we will buy if we see anything we like, please don't force us to buy something just for the sake of answering to this sponsors. But our messages to her went on deaf ear. She insisted that their company has informed Singapore agent that for people who sign up for such promo package, it is expected for all tourists to spend at these sponsor's shop. Since we have signed up for this, we have the responsibility to buy at every shop so as to cover our tour expenses.

Time to time, she will also remind us that the SGD$60 we paid is not even enough to cover some of the expense. E.g. She say the hotel we stayed is RMB780 per night, we have already gotten an advantage by paying only SGD$60. And she will also say the SGD$60 we paid is not even enough to cover the fuel cost of the driver.

When she brought us to visit each of those tourist attraction sights listed in the itinerary, the introduction and sharing of these sights were very limited. And she seldom stop to let us take photo. Very often, we have to stop and take photo on our own initiative as Sophia carry on walking with the rest of the tour group.

I do not know if this is really such an arrangement between Apple Holiday and the China agency. But we as consumer signed up for this tour package without being informed that this trip is made possible because of these various sponsors so we must spend at these shops. It was bought off those group buying website.

I understand that we paid for this trip with a promo price and is of course not expecting very high expectation. But basis service level from the tour guide should be provided. We were not being preempted that we must buy something from those 购物店 which resulted in lots of dispute with the tour guide during the trip.

And the best part, my email to Apple Holiday after my return from the trip render no response from them at all.
Jenny & Cher Tee wrote on 12 November 2011
We have signed up with EU holidays and travelled to Italy, Swiss and Paris package during Oct'11. Departured on 24th Oct with Mai Wai Kuan as our Tour guide.
We had a wonderful time although this trip was a bit too rush and tiring. Mai was patience with us during the whole trip. Thumbs up for her endurance. She is very experienced with Europe; telling us the history of the places we visited and sharing with us her past experiences. It was nice having her around. Thank you EU holidays.
Wing wrote on 1 November 2011
Booked the bkk package from and i regretted the moment i stepped into their office.

Firstly, the office was jam packed with people tryin to redeem their deal vouchers, and there were only 2-3 people serving. We waited for about 2 hrs before it\'s our turn. It was obvious that they lacked of manpower and couldn\'t handle the massive deal vouchers. Then we were told that none of the weekends were available and we had to take weekdays, otherwise we\'ll have to top up to stay in other hotels. Anyways, we didn\'t want to top up so we decided to go on a weekdays in early November.

Now came the flood incident in mid oct, we called and called but nobody picked up our calls. Finally we got through, and i asked whether we are allow to postpone, the person said, oh november, can change can change. need extra charges? no, no need any charges. So I quickly went down the next day, and as usual super long queue, and the guy told me rudely NO we can\'t change anything. memo wasn\'t out for November yet. he dunno who i spoke to but i can\'t postpone nor refund. the only choice i was given was, continue / forfeit the trip. then they brushed me off.

FINE. we wait and waited for a few more days and finally got the memo. i didn\'t get it from them mind you. they couldn\'t be bothered with us, and whenever we call, they\'ll give us their lousy attitude, tryin to hang up our calls and impatiently ask us to call back ONE DAY before we fly and check with them! its like WTH?! then they even got the cheek to tell us to check with the airlines ourselves. WTH. Got so fedup!!

Now with the memo out. they asked us to pay 30 bucks each to postpone the trip till 15 dec. further than that before feb 2012, we had to pay 100 bucks each. can u imagine paying 1000 for 2 ppl just to go BKK? this agency is extremely inefficiency and rude and the worst i\'ve ever seen!
Wing wrote on 1 November 2011
Booked the bkk package from and i regretted the moment i stepped into their office.

Firstly, the office was jam packed with people tryin to redeem their deal vouchers, and there were only 2-3 people serving. We waited for about 2 hrs before it\'s our turn. It was obvious that they lacked of manpower and couldn\'t handle the massive deal vouchers. Then we were told that none of the weekends were available and we had to take weekdays, otherwise we\'ll have to top up to stay in other hotels. Anyways, we didn\'t want to top up so we decided to go on a weekdays in early November.

Now came the flood incident in mid oct, we called and called but nobody picked up our calls. Finally we got through, and i asked whether we are allow to postpone, the person said, oh november, can change can change. need extra charges? no, no need any charges. So I quickly went down the next day, and as usual super long queue, and the guy told me rudely NO we can\'t change anything. memo wasn\'t out for November yet. he dunno who i spoke to but i can\'t postpone nor refund. the only choice i was given was, continue / forfeit the trip. then they brushed me off.

FINE. we wait and waited for a few more days and finally got the memo. i didn\'t get it from them mind you. they couldn\'t be bothered with us, and whenever we call, they\'ll give us their lousy attitude, tryin to hang up our calls and impatiently ask us to call back ONE DAY before we fly and check with them! its like WTH?! then they even got the cheek to tell us to check with the airlines ourselves. WTH. Got so fedup!!

Now with the memo out. they asked us to pay 30 bucks each to postpone the trip till 15 dec. further than that before feb 2012, we had to pay 100 bucks each. can u imagine paying 1000 for 2 ppl just to go BKK? this agency is extremely inefficiency and rude and the worst i\'ve ever seen!
Rene wrote on 1 November 2011
I can\'t get them through their given phone number! I want to change my BKK trip coming in the next 2 weekends ... My suggestion to them is: Hire more people if their businesses are growing; otherwise DON\'T take in business if they think their manpower can\'t handle!\" If they continue to provide inadequate and poor customer services, it won\'t do good to them in e long because there won\'t be repeat sales nor customers going back to them in future. Go learn some business strategy techniques; if APPLE HOLIDAYS want to do low cost strategy, it is not about cheap and take in MORE business but also to CONSIDER customers feedback timely !
t wrote on 31 October 2011
wanted to call and try to change the bkk trip package that i bought on deal website, but they did not pick up after more den 20calls i made!!! stupid agency !!! anyone else intended to change location or postpone flight for the bangkok 4d3n $208 package trip ?
JJC wrote on 28 October 2011
Booked the bkk trip & it\'s in a serious condition for us to continue the trip. But apple asked for extra surcharge if we were to postpone it. Other than that, we\'re not allow to have a refund or at least, change of location. This isn\'t what we wanted. It\'s a natural disaster, & we didn\'t predicted it also. & worst still, I think their phone line is actually just a dummy.
Shocked to learn wrote on 20 October 2011
Extremely piss off with this Travel Agent. Will never book with them any more. I sugguest anyone who are thinking of booking with this agent, think twice before booking with APPLE HOLIDAY. Let me quote a few example :
1) Made call to them never pick up.
2) Sent SMS never reply.
3) Ask them to email me our e-ticket, never done so till you get mad and have to ask them to fax me instead.
4) Sending me a confirmed hotel booking voucher with date wrongly written and have to inform them about it.
I promised will never want to book with Apple Holiday anymore no matter how cheap they offer.

Extremely Annoyed wrote on 19 October 2011
Totally pissed!!!! left messages to return phone calls but never response!Even the person who picks up the call hurried to hung up. Emails was'nt replied even after couple of weeks. the worst agency that I ever come across.
Guess the licene must be revoked by STB.
J wrote on 18 October 2011
Either never picks up the telephone or keep directing me to call another number or promised to get the person in-charge to return other words,down right irresponsible and not customer focused!
angry wrote on 30 September 2011
Ive been trying to call them since last week too, and no matter how many times i called a day, no one picks up too!!!!!!
I HATE APPLE HOLIDAYS wrote on 22 September 2011

Anyone can help me Who should I lodge a complaint to ? I made payment; thereafter I can't reach them AT ALL!! SO PISSED OFF!!!!

Chia\'s Family wrote on 9 September 2011
I have been travelling with Apple Holidays since 2009 to Brisbane, 2010 to Taiwan, travelling with old folks and kids, Melissa has helped me arranged things according to our needs. When we have room arrangement matters in Taiwan, we called back to their office and her colleague helped to solve the case. This year June holidays when I decided to go Bangkok in the last min, contacted Melissa and she helped to get tickets at good price for me. Once again, I want to thank Melissa for her kind assistance and helps. CHEERS!!!
melinda wrote on 16 August 2011
I was handled by this rude travel agent called Melissa Ho from Apple Holiday. When I called her to make amendments to my ticket, she just hung up the phone. How could a person has this kind of attitude while working in service industry? do you know how important your customers are.. I am very pissed off with the service she provided. I will advise anyone who wants to go to Apple Holiday not to be assisted by her. Other staff are much better, nicer!
Shirley wrote on 21 July 2011
I bought 10 travel to krabi coupons fm without flight. When I received the travel voucher fm Melissa Ho, the return flight details was wrong. She didn't even check which flight we booked & just updated as her wish. I wrote back to her asking for amendments fm 8 July 2011 with 2 reminders & several phone calls but till date, nothing was done. As it is a big group, I decided to go down personally to get his stupid small mistake to reupdate inorder not to spolit the group's coming holiday. I'm too disappointed with this agency & will not recommend.
Joy Yap wrote on 19 June 2011
After reading so many feedbacks on Ms Melissa Ho, I was kind of puzzled. I booked a Beijing trip thru her but has yet to travel. My trip would be in September. However, I have been corresponding with her on this trip and find her approachable and helpful. Finger crossed now and hope everything goes on smoothly and not to spoil own long waited holidays. Also hope that my judgement towards Ms Melissa Ho is correct and proven right. Hi Melissa, thank you for your kind assistance so far.
Ros wrote on 15 May 2011
We just returned from Korea and it was a wonderful trip. We would like 2 make a special recommendation of their tour guide - Blu. He is proficient in English and attentive to all our needs. He is the best guide that anyone can have. Overall, good hotels and services provided. I look forward to join Apple for our next vacation.
Gigi wrote on 29 April 2011
Service very lousy and not friendly. Please think carefully if you are attracted by the package brochures. Then u get cheat to step into their office.
Iris Teo wrote on 20 April 2011
I had booked and paid a deposit during the nata\\\'s fair with Apple Holidays to Eastern Europe but till now the dates are always not confirmed. I have asked to ask to the person who has the authority but was hanged up. Seriously can\\\'t imagine how the trip will be taking into consideration the service of their staff Ms Anna. I will rank them as NUMBER ONE RUDE AGENT IN SINGAPORE.
extreme traveller wrote on 15 April 2011
I made a booking recently and happened to speak with Melissa Ho. EXTREMELY rude and totally disgusting over the phone. Im wondering why this agency hired this kind of agent, unfortunately she's the wife of the boss, someone told me.

If you're planning to book your flight with this agency, better NOT. Staff are incompetent, dont know, don't know to look for better options, dont know how to answer the phone politely especially this Melissa..again EXTREMELY RUDE..

ANYWAY,i didn't book our flights...Melissa lost my interest in their ads...
Ng Koa Heng wrote on 4 April 2011
I am delighted to share this exceptional encounter of service.

Shortly after I had booked a tour package to Europe, I required an urgent reconstructive surgery for my injury from an accident. This disrupted my overseas trip unexpectedly. Bad luck and bad timing, I thought, since the tour package\'s terms and conditions were clearly not in my favour. Instead, Apple Holidays (EU Holidays) gave me a full refund under compassionate grounds. I am delighted to share this exceptional encounter of service with a heart, where the customer's interest is placed before the bottom line. Kudos.
Jess wrote on 2 March 2011
Just came back from 15days Italy Switzerland Paris Dubai tour. Initially I was worry after reading so much here, especially about Melissa. Luckily my trip turned out to be over my expectation. Hotel is fine, meals although not excellent, but still satisfactory. Itinerary is very comprehensive, though I find it a bit rush for the part on Italy. My tour leader Susan is excellent and well versed in Europe history n culture. Overall, I am satisfied with EU Holidays and will recommend it to my friends. Thanks to Susan and her assistant Shereen for making our honeymoon enjoyable.
kit wrote on 13 January 2011
I must say i am very thankful to my europe tour manager ms cecilia hoi. She is very proffessional, kind, passion, cool & calm. We were stuck in snow storm in Italy for 22 hours without food, drinks and toilet. Luckily we have her as our tour manager, she not only calm to manage the situation, she was also caring to all the tour members. I will recommend her and the company to my friends and relatives.
tour member wrote on 4 January 2011
Apple holidays failed as a tour agency. Will never ever travel with them again. TM are not well trained, esp to tours to Europe. They do not provide information, leave members to wander & discover for themselves. Don\'t be deceived by what they indicate in their itinerary.
Amy Lee wrote on 30 December 2010
I have enjoyed my 15 days Europe holiday with Apple Holidays. My tour manager, Alan, is excellent. He is committed, responsible and intellectual. The whole tour group of 49 are very pleased with him. Particularly for me, I am travelling with an elderly mother with osteoarthitis of the knee and 2 young children. Alan was able to assist us throughout. I will continue to use Apple Holidays/EU Holidays in future.
Jun wrote on 27 December 2010
I have been dealing with Apple Holidays for at least 4 years. And the person I always book with is Ms Melissa. She has never failed to provide me with adequate information and excellent customer service to my personal trips and my company bookings. I strongly would recommend Apple Holidays to my friends/family.
Disappointed Customer wrote on 8 December 2010
Melissa is the rudest and the most ineffective travel agent i have ever met! i had a bad e experience on her, a long story to tell but to tell you, she will be your worst nightmware! well she is the wife of the owner but i think she needs to undergo customer service excellence, interpersonal skills improvement program or perhaps self assessment, surely she will realize something.
Pauline wrote on 27 November 2010
I visited the peoples park outlet last week & waited patiently for their service staff Benny to make some enquiries. When I noted that he was still held up with other customers after 20mins wait, I approached one of his female colleague. I was shocked by her rude attitude. She claim she is not in charge and do not know the working schedule of the staff who is. I do not think she should even be working there or the reputation of Apple holidays will just go down the drain. I believe in poetic justice. What goes round comes back. She probably will get her share of shocking service soon.
PETER wrote on 31 October 2010
Apple Holidays only show care and concern to customers who are cash rich and to be "slash" by them. I had very bad experience with Melissa Ho too.. During mist of our reasoning, she walked away and kept us waited for 30mins. During waiting, I learned that she is the wife of the agency owner from a staff. I think both owner and Melissa are like kids running business
Dissappointed customer wrote on 27 October 2010
i am very dissappointed with Apple holiday too. I had booked a 'full package tour consist of 4 elderly & myself to HK & Macau but their itenery was totally difference when we were there. No breakfast, when we were in HK & no land transport to our hotel in Macau at night. Lucky thing was the Macau tour guide was very kind seeing all the elderly so she asked the bus driver to send us to the hotel. On the departure date to HK, there isn't anyone came to the ferry station to fetch us. When I called the agency, they told us to take a cab ack to our hotel.
Cheryl wrote on 14 July 2010
Apple Holidays' website states that they are "committed to providing each and every of our customers with efficient and effective services.." For my case, this proves to be extremely untrue. This agent called Melissa Ho told me that air tickets to korea was at a promo price of S$399 (way below market price! fishy much?) and they were still available. After giving her the names of the people in my group for confirmation, she put on a disappearing act for 4 days, even claiming that I called the wrong number once! When I finally got hold of Melissa Ho, she just said blankly that the air tickets weren't available anymore without explanations or offering any further alternatives. Therefore, lesson to be learnt- if you're looking for true "efficient and effective services", this agency is not the one for you.
Paul wrote on 1 July 2010
I was enquiring about air-ticket to hkg. Knowing it is peak season and fares are expensive, Apple Holidays offered me a higher price than others. Challenging they are the only who has the ticket to sell and none others. Melissa Ho very rude and extreme ridiculous & insulting. I advise do not visit this agency.
pass yes wrote on 7 November 2009
I have visited them at people's park centre. Services are very poor. It is obvious they do not provide any tour information, the only service they will provide is upon interest to register in tour packages. Especially this staff, melissa ho, extremely rude. I will rank as number 1 rude agent in the shopping complex.

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